When God clearly calls you somewhere, you go and you trust Him.

We’ve always had a love for Italy. There’s just always been a draw in us for that amazing country full of beauty, charm, vibrant people, history, and of course the delicious food. Owning our own gelato business here in the states for seven years helped solidify that love for the country, too. It was pretty much eat, drink, sleep Italian for years. After traveling there, we always said it would be amazing if we would someday end up back in Italy. Well, it’s happening! God has orchestrated many events in our lives and has led us to move our family overseas and immerse ourselves into Italian life.

The plan is that we will be moving to Rome after Christmas—as long as we can get our house sold in the next two months! So, if you know someone who is ready to buy, send them our way! It seems crazy fast, but we are praying God will send a buyer quickly. Emotions are up and down—one minute we’re sky high excited, the next minute we’re crashing like a 747 with what seems like an overwhelming amount of things to do before we leave. We’re very sad to leave our dear family and friends, but we know God has something truly amazing planned for us.

Rome, the capital city of Italy is located on the Tiber River in Lazio, the central region of the country. It’s a short 20 min from the Mediterranean Sea. It’s regarded as the birthplace of Western Civilization and is full of amazing art, architecture, history, and landmarks like the Colosseum, Roman Forum, Trevi Fountain, and Vatican to name a few. It’s the city where Paul was imprisoned and put to death on his last missionary journey. Ever heard of Michelangelo? Yeah, he worked in Rome for awhile in a little chapel there. Rome’s sister city is Paris. About 4 million people live in Rome—just a tad bigger than the Oklahoma Metro right?! It’s definitely going to be a change. But change is good and God is good. People keep asking us questions like “How are you moving with two small kids halfway across the world? You’re so brave.” It’s not being brave, it’s being obedient. When God clearly calls you somewhere, you go and you trust Him.

So, for now the plan is to sell the house, nearly all the belongings, and start preparing for the move. In no time, we’ll be swimming in fettuccine and olive oil, eating more gelato than you can imagine I’m sure, sipping on espresso and speaking the bella language with our newly made national friends.

Saluta all’Italia!