We’re the Buss family and we currently live in Rome, Italy, although we are originally from the United States. This space is where we share our family’s adventures in Rome. We love to travel, eat al fresco as often as possible, play outside over watching tv any day, cook a delicious meal at home for “date night,” spend time with people and investing in developing new relationships, and we love to eat as much gelato and drink as much caffè as we can. We see each day as a gift from God and love exploring that day with an attitude of adventure. As our kids often remind us…adventure is out there! We’re just a family who loves Jesus more than anything else in the world and wants to follow Him in all that we do!

A Bit of History on what life was like in the United States:

In 2007, we opened the first gelateria in our hometown of Norman, Oklahoma. We then opened another location just a year-and-a-half later. After tasting gelato, we couldn’t fathom going back to ice cream. With a love for all things Italian–especially Italian food–we began experimenting making gelato in our home kitchen. We also received training in Italy to help refine our culinary skills (this increased our love for Italy and it’s people!). We wanted to provide something for others that brings a little taste of happiness. For seven years we handcrafted gelato in traditional, artisanal, Italian technique, hoping to provide more than just an amazing dessert. Our hope was that il Dolce Gelato provided a true taste of Italy—with no passport required. 

In 2013, we sold il Dolce Gelato not knowing what the Lord had next for our family. However, our experience with our business had opened our hearts towards and gave us a great love for the Italian people. By the beginning of 2014, we began pursuing moving overseas and arrived in Italy before the following new year. What we thought was merely an adventure in the world of gelato, God had something bigger planned. 


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