Nothing but Blue Skies do I See

Do you ever have one of those days when everything seems to be going right and it feels surreal in so many ways? Cue the Ella Fitzgerald music…


Do you ever have one of those days when everything seems to be going right and it feels surreal in so many ways? Cue the Ella Fitzgerald music…earlier this summer was our first time to visit Calabria. Let us just say, it is beautiful! It’s wild and savage, but there is a natural and untouched beauty about it that is breathtaking and under-appreciated in our opinion. We loved Amalfi coast when we visited last summer (you can read about that adventure here), but Calabria’s coast is equally as beautiful and less touristy. One of our favorite days there was when we decided to rent a boat for the day. Surprisingly, it’s not very expensive to rent one—especially when you split the cost with your friends. It was small and could only fit 6 people max. But, we decided to get on board for the adventure and see what we could explore.

We headed south from Tropea, where we were staying for the week, and cruised along the coastline until we found something interesting. At one point, we found this little cave in a small cove. We let down the anchor and swam around for a bit, taking pictures, and slightly freaking out at what might be swimming below us! We then headed on further toward Capo Vaticano until we found a small, deserted beach that made the perfect spot for a picnic. We climbed the rocks, explored the shallow waters showing the kids mollusks, and we even managed to fit in a nap!

After a full afternoon, we cruised back up the coastline and made a few more stops at another beach and a small grotto hidden in between large rocks. The boys took turns helping dad drive the boat—dad turned out to be an excellent captain by the way! The views of the Calabrian coast are beautiful and we would absolutely suggest renting a small boat if you have the opportunity. It was such an amazing experience. The best part was making memories with the kids that they will never forget—and neither will we!























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