Una Settimana Bianca

We made such special memories together this trip. Give me experiences over presents every time!


Deciding to take a trip to the mountains of northern Italy this winter was such a great decision. Of all the things we tend to spend money on, spending it on travel seems to be something we never regret. Rather than doing gifts this Christmas, we decided to do what Italians call “una settimana bianca.” We made such amazing memories together as a family—along with our adopted daughters. Okay, they’re not really adopted, but they are basically family to us.

We spent a few days enjoying the snow at Klausberg. It’s a fantastic mountain with various types of runs with amazing views! There’s always snow there because they make their own snow—which was such a blessing for us because we went at the beginning of the season before there was a lot of snow. They have an awesome snow park that the snowboarders in our group really loved. We spent quite a bit of time trying out the boxes, rails and kickers—and all of us ate it BIG TIME at one point or another! But hey, we got some good videos and lots of laughs. There are several different lodges located on the mountain where you can grab a hot lunch or a caffè and a snack and relax a bit before heading back up to the top of the mountain.

They also have a ski kindergarten for the kids. This was sooo perfect for us! The kids loved going to the school (located at the bottom of the mountain) to play inside, get bundled up and go out for lessons with their teachers, and enjoy a plate of hot pasta for lunch. This gave us the freedom to ski on our own during the day going at the pace we wanted. Then, we would pick the kids up a bit early each afternoon and ski with them for awhile. We were amazed at how fast they picked it up. By the end of the third day, they didn’t even need the “little connecting thing” (I’m sure there is a word for it) to hold the skis together. The boys are still talking about the trip and how much fun it was and how they can’t wait to go back again next year.

We made such special memories together this trip—A’s first time playing in the snow; both the boys first time skiing and being able to watch their eyes light up with adventure and the accomplishment from learning something new; and quiet, long gondola rides up the mountain with friends looking out over amazing views. Give me experiences over presents every time!
























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