Times like these are spent doing ordinary things like preparing a meal, enjoying a picnic, and playing with the kids. But, they are so much more than ordinary.


We stay pretty busy, so it’s important for us to stop, slow down and be in the moment as a family. One thing we love to do is eat outside! Anyone else like that? It doesn’t matter where we are at in the world, or even how nice the temperature is, food sometimes just tastes better if you are eating it out in God’s creation.

Thankfully, the weather has been nice and warm lately—actually it’s been pretty hot, so we decided to head to the cooler coast just outside of the city and take a picnic dinner with us. Neil and the boys love when I make a roast chicken and I thought it would be something easy to take with us. I made carrots cooked with onions and brown sugar as well as brought along fresh cheese, strawberries, and a baguette. I took our everyday dishes, glasses, and silverware with us, too—so much better than eating off of plastic & not all that much extra work.

The kids were able to run with their feet in the sand and splash a bit in the water before dinner. After enjoying a sunset meal together, the kids played some more with a wooden airplane their grandparents had sent them in the mail.

Times like these are spent doing ordinary things like preparing a meal, enjoying a picnic, and playing with the kids. But, they are so much more than ordinary. It’s setting a couple of hours aside to make lasting memories together as a family without distractions and truly enjoy the blessing of one another. It’s savoring the little moments that God has given us.


Roast Chicken:
1 whole farm chicken
rosemary and thyme sprigs
1 medium lemon (sliced into quarters)
4 garlic cloves (leave skins on & slightly crush)
olive oil
sea salt and pepper

Let the chicken sit at room temperature for 1-2 hours. This keeps your chicken from drying out. Clean the bird, then stuff with garlic cloves, lemon quarters, and the herbs. Rub the outside of the bird and in between the layer of skin with plenty of olive oil, then sprinkle with salt and pepper. Tie the legs of the bird with kitchen twine and place in a dutch oven or roasting pan. Place in a 240°C (470°F) pre-heated oven. Lower the heat to 190-200°C (375°F) and cook for 1 hour.

Brown Buttered Carrots:
6 medium-large carrots
2 tbsp butter
half medium onion (sliced)
1/8 cup brown sugar (can use zucchero di canna integrale)

Cut the carrots in half length-wise, then cut every 2 inches. Place the carrots with the sliced onion, brown sugar, and a dash of salt in a sauce pan. Add a bit of water to halfway cover the carrots and cook on medium until carrots are tender and water has nearly evaporated.

Buon appetito!


Author: Our Life in the Boot

This space is where we share our family's adventures in Rome. We love family, travel, great food, and the simple joys of life that God gives us.


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