Although cold, the day trip to Assisi was definitely worth it and we wouldn’t have chosen anyone else to share the first experience with.


We’ve been wanting to take a day trip to Assisi for awhile now, but never have found to time to go. Since we were already in Umbria this past January, it wasn’t that far of a drive to the famous hill town. It was very cold that day, but we bundled up and had a great time. The small town is a Unesco heritage site and known for it’s magnificent medieval architecture. It’s also the birthplace of St. Francis. The basilica, begun in 1228, is impressive with a beautiful whitewashed brick. It’s built into the side of a hill and has both an upper and lower church. Inside, the church is covered with elaborate frescos. The church was beautiful from an architectural perspective, but left us feeling sad and burdened due to the worship of St. Francis along with other saints. We were in desperate need of some cheering up—which meant delicious food and we were in luck! There was a fabulous ristorante just up and around the hill from the basilica. After hot soups, pastas, and warm pane, we were ready to continue exploring the town.

After strolling, sipping cappuccini, and shopping, we made one of our favorite stops of the day—La Bottega del Pasticcere. The storefront was breathtakingly beautiful for any foodie. Just looking at the many pastries was like looking at works of art. After contemplating the many choices, we all decided that it’s never too cold for gelato. Our afternoon snack was an event in and of itself. How cute is it to see cousins chowing down on delicious gelato in front of this adorable pasticceria!

Although cold, the day trip to Assisi was definitely worth it and we wouldn’t have chosen anyone else to share the first experience with.


















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