FESTA BOSCAIOLO // Lumberjack Party

Oliver just had his 4th birthday—which is nearly impossible to believe that he is that old already! To celebrate, we threw a “lumberjack themed party” in Villa Pamphili park.



Oliver just had his 4th birthday—which is nearly impossible to believe that he is that old already! To celebrate, we threw a “lumberjack themed party” in Villa Pamphili park. Friends from church, families from Oliver’s school, and other friends living here in Rome came to celebrate with us. One of our friends, who is an amazing photographer (check out some of his work here), was gracious to capture some very sweet moments from the day. We also had a very special guest that day—a friend of ours from our church back in Oklahoma made a stop in Rome on a work trip in Europe. He was such an encouragement to us, bringing us a few things from home and truly serving us the few days we were able to spend with him. The boys were so excited that he was going to be here for the big party.





We had all kinds of delicious snacks to eat—popcorn, s’mores trail mix, pretzels, cupcakes, and cookies. The cookies Sommer made were called Pumpkin Molasses Sandwich Cookies and there were out of this world! You can find the recipe here if you are up for baking a treat perfect for fall.





We made beards or le barbe for the kids, which the adults seemed to have more fun playing with. We also made a ring toss game from bottles and rope. The little girl who won the game received a stuffed horse as a prize.





La torta is the highlight of any Italian birthday party and we have to admit we LOVE the candles they use here—more like mini fireworks! Oliver loved it too and enjoyed opening his gifts. He especially loved receiving gifts from his Italian friends: games, colored artwork just for him, and candy.









We weren’t able to find a piñata to buy so we decided to make one. The only problem was that Sommer re-enforced it with so much glue that it was nearly unbreakable. The poor little kids had no hope! After Neil and Blake went at it like a baseball game, it finally tore open enough for them to rip it apart rewarding the children with le caramelle.







It was such a fun and relaxed birthday in the park. Villa Pamphili is one of our favorites. We really enjoyed celebrating with old friends from home, friends that feel like family here in Italy and then new friends that the Lord is brining into our lives. Just 5 years ago, we weren’t sure if we would ever have the joy of children in our lives, yet God has been so gracious to us and given us the most precious little boys we could ever ask for.

Buon Compleanno, Oliviero!

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