Thankful for new friends, delicious food, and time of refreshment and spiritual retreat.


We’ve had lots of fun things going on lately. Ariccia, just south of Rome, is a town known for it’s delicious porchetta. We enjoyed a fabulous lunch here with friends and a nice, relaxing walk in search of gelato.

We spent Italy’s version of Labor Day, Primo di Maggio, at a wonderful restaurant in Sabina, northeast of Rome. We had actually been to this same restaurant with a smaller group of people a couple of months ago. This time, we spent the day with lots of friends enjoying seafood (yes, even whole sardines) and playing calcio with the kids. We ended the fun full day  at one couple’s apartment for pizza and classic italian entertainment—us and the bambini dancing to Italian music. It was a blast.

Sommer had a great time at a women’s conference in Napoli for a few days. She truly enjoyed the time of refreshment away from the “new normal” and spend some focused time alone with the Lord. Napoli is a beautiful city.

We always enjoy getting out in our own city and exploring new sites. The last adventure was an evening picnic at the Villa Borghese Gardens. These gardens are gorgeous and it was a really tranquil, relaxing evening in the park.


Author: Our Life in the Boot

This space is where we share our family's adventures in Rome. We love family, travel, great food, and the simple joys of life that God gives us. ourlifeintheboot.com

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