Celebrating spring with beautiful gardens and the resurrection of Christ.

Primavera in Roma is beautiful. We had the chance to get out into the country for a day trip this Easter weekend. We visited the garden, Giardino di Ninfa—the ruins of a medieval town southeast of Rome. The garden is said to be one of the most beautiful in the world. It was breathtaking.


The kids loved being outside running around, too. After visiting the garden, we stopped at a few very small towns in the mountains just to the east of the gardens. It’s a spectacular view from the top of these colline (hills). Looking to the west, you can see the Mediterranean just beyond the farmland of Lazio


We celebrated Easter Sunday with a traditional Italian Pizza di Pasqua for breakfast—we enjoyed the chocolate variety. We then enjoyed worshipping with our new church family. Pasquetta, or Easter Monday, is just as much of a holiday here in Italy as businesses are closed and the day is devoted to time spent with family or friends at parks, the mountains, or the beaches. We spent the day at home relaxing enjoying a weekend full of some much-needed family time. 


Easter is always a time of thanksgiving for us as followers of Jesus. We spend a lot of time reflecting on the blessings in our lives—the biggest blessing being the hope we have in Christ. He humbled Himself by becoming fully man and lived a perfect life on earth so that He could be our sacrificial lamb who could take on all of man’s sins by dying on a cross. Because He was resurrected on the third day He gives us hope in eternal life if only we place our faith in Him. As we are amazed at the beauty around us during this beautiful season of primavera, we are reminded that Christ makes all things new. We are forever changed because of what He has done in our lives. Our kids have been saying it best all weekend, “Jesus is alive.” 

Author: Our Life in the Boot

This space is where we share our family's adventures in Rome. We love family, travel, great food, and the simple joys of life that God gives us. ourlifeintheboot.com

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