We are living in Roma! We’ve been here exactly one month now.


We are living in Roma! We’ve been here exactly one month now. We are settled into our apartment (which is a blessing in & of itself) and have begun making friends with our neighbors & people in the area. We’ve figured out where to shop for all kinds of things you might need around your house, found our favorite fruit & veggie market, & of course our favorite gelateria. We visit our local bar often for cappuccini, pastries, & hot steamed milk for the kids. Francesca is our favorite barista & loves our bambini. In fact, most Italians do! It’s been amazing to see how much the people here dote on our kiddos. It starts great conversations on the bus & metro train or even just walking on the street. The kids are loving the public transportation. They think it’s pretty cool to ride a train across the Eternal City—& we have to admit we do, too. We feel so blessed to be a part of our church we are working with here, too. The people are amazing! We’ve made great friends with a particular couple & already love them dearly. 

There have been some surprises, too. Parenting certainly has different challenges—like teaching your kids to watch out for crazy busy traffic, not to climb on the balcony, and not to play in the bidet! Things certainly are different in so many ways from the states. Things move a lot slower here! And, there could be days you feel you have accomplished a great feat just by making it the post office and it was open. But, the laid back, slow pace could turn out to be a blessing on many days. That is something we can already learn from these amazing people here in Italy. 

Above are quite a few pictures of some things from the last month of living life here. Saturday afternoon at the Pineta Park with a great view of the city; quick trip to the beach (about a 20 min ride from our apartment) to watch the sunset—this was Arthur’s first time to see the ocean; our neighborhood piazza, & waiting for the bus & the train; View of the Apennines Mountains from our terrace, & the boys playing golf on our outdoor space the Lord has blessed us with; Oliver watching our new dear friend roll out pastry dough in her cucina; shopping for amazing fresh groceries—no, we didn’t buy the octopus; date night for dinner & a walk to the Spanish Steps celebrating our 12 year anniversary; & delicious coffee & gelato.

Author: Our Life in the Boot

This space is where we share our family's adventures in Rome. We love family, travel, great food, and the simple joys of life that God gives us.

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